Huge surf Jeffreys Bay

Huge Swell Hits Jeffreys Bay

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Huge surf Jeffreys Bay

Huge swell Hits Jeffreys Bay

Disaster management services went on full alert in Jeffreys Bay yesterday afternoon as massive waves pounded the coastline.

Local surfers are calling it the biggest swell in decades, with some massive waves ridden.

Some brave surfers paddled out at Supertubes, but it was not easy to catch waves in such conditions.

The boardwalks in the Supertubes and Point areas may have been damaged by the huge waves that washed up the beach.

Huge swell jeffreys Bay

Jeffreys Bay Councillor Brenton Williams was on the scene at the Aston Bay.

Brenton said that conditions eventually became too dangerous for motorists.

“We had to close a section of Swan Drive as the waves had encircled the Aston Bay Community Hall” said Williams.

Due to continual surges of water from the ocean that resulted in a flow of water over the causeway.

The Kouga Municipality will assess infrastructural damages this morning.


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