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Jeffreys Bay Delivers

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Jeffreys Bay Surf Delivers

The surf, for the most part of the last three months, has been absolutely relentless in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. That’s JBay territory, just in case you were wondering.

The Western Cape of South Africa is suffering from a somewhat brutal drought. The rain patterns have changed this year, and the dams have all but run dry. During the winter months, fierce storms usually batter the Cape Peninsula relentlessly. It is, after all, known as The Cape of Storms.

Jeffreys Bay Delivers surf
Great surf jeffreys Bay

This year the storms have subsided a little in ferocity, but the rain that usually c

omes with them and continues throughout the winter months, has all but stopped. For a surfer this would automatically mean that there would be less surf heading for JBay and environs.

The storms that arrive purge huge swells onto the Cape peninsula and these swells gradually move up the eastern coast, to arrive as long, groomed walls of perfection at the world’s best right-hander. When a storm arrives, surfers can pack their cars and head along the coast into right-hand point-break territory with some certainty that there will be waves somewhere.

This year the surf has been absolutely remorseless in the Eastern Cape, despite the climate changes. There have been endless runs of swell, good wind and sand bars in all the relevant places.

“This Year has been Amazing”

It probably started in earnestness at the JBU Supertrial, run off in early June in perfect six-foot Supers, and it was the powerful natural-footer from St Francis Bay, Dale Staples who took the honours.

So with all that being said, Jeffreys Bay has delivered the goods for the top surfers.

If your dream is to become a great surfer, you will have to start at the bottom. Remember it is never too late to become a Surfer.

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