Surfing is a totally heady sport and many people are nuts about it! If you like the thrill of taking on the waves, then you must give surfing a shot. But get acquainted with a few basics before you give your surfing skills a try. If you’re heading out to the beach with a surfboard, take a look at the list of the most important things that matter in this sport first.

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A few of essential details are listed below:

  • Choose the right surfboard.
  • Find suitable surfing gear.
  • Purchase the right wetsuit so that you feel comfortable while riding the waves.
  • Train yourself and get into shape before you hit the waves.
  • Get acquainted with all the safety rules and norms.
  • Learn the basic etiquette so that you become a part of the surfing community easily.
  • Pick the right instructor for a beginners course.

The first thing that anyone should know is that for surfing one has to be in top form and physical fitness should be excellent. Additionally, you should be a brilliant swimmer. Strengthening the core muscles and buffing up the upper body is a must. To deal with the twisty waves when you are on the surfboard, even the lower body should be very strong. Above all, learning about balance control and flexibility is very important to hit the waves. Plus, knowing the right breathing techniques will help a lot during those lush waves.

Picking the correct surfboard can make a huge difference in your surfing experience. Bigger surfboards are the best fit for beginners. In fact, a chunky foam board or softboard that floats easily on water will hold on to the waves effortlessly and is a good choice for people starting off at surfing.

Buy a good quality wet suit or broadshorts for riding the waves. Accessories like surfboard leash, traction pad and surf wax are also needed. Getting a cushioned helmet to make your wave-venture even safer.

The most important thing is to learn the accurate techniques and get the precise safety instructions. So, check out our surf lessons page.

Surfing is a strong community and to gain entry you have to stick to the rules. You will be bonding with other surfers and will also be assured of safety if you go by the rules. Reading the surf report before you set out is also extremely important as per safety issues.

Locate the right spot for surfing. Beaches that are not crowded and ones which have small swells are just perfect for newbies. Learn about the layout of the beach like what sandbars, seaward currents, coral reefs, rocks and the jetties it has.

Above all, remember that surfing is a dicey sport in which you have to apply the right techniques and follow the guidelines cautiously. With the correct tactics, rapping the waves with your surfboard will be a snap

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